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Week Review

I will share more in future posts about how this process came to life. At the end of the week I track a few things, the % of accomplished day routines and my fitness training times and victories.

An average week routine score of the following for me means:

100% It's rare but has been done - rocking it!

90%+ Excellent

80%+ Great

79% below - unusual

usually due to lack of rest or emotions undealt with

Week of Jan. 1-7

Week routines: 54% 3/7 went to bed before 10:00am

1/7 was up on time


Jan 1 Waist: 36.25 the same as pervious week Weight: 17.0 +1/2 lb Trained: 6/7 Monday Walked to Starbucks 35min with a 20lb weighted back pack 30 min with a 20lb weighted back pack Tuesday 25 min mobility work Sashed a milestone: 10 full chin-ups with hands 6-7 inches apart (Up on the bar all the way down with toes touching the floor) Wednesday Circuit train 5 min warm up Run through: 14 sets of: Arm curl 25lb to 20lb Chin Up 2-3 Shoulder Press 25lb-20lb Push Up 10 - 15 I felt stronger and a bigger capacity since I started circuit training a few weeks ago. Thursday Fitness training with Mark Huth We train outside rain or shine. If it is -25 with wind we go inside to a gym, Our training consists of jumping on a bench. It seems odd, we do this to most. I get it, it looks like kids play, for us the exercise is irrelevant. We are using fitness as atool to grow through with fear and remove mind blocks. I tried to jump over the park bench but couldn't. My mind was blocked, we went over to a lower bench and I tried to jump on it backwards and fell. I am glad to have fallen as this showed me I am ok and it wasn't that bad. I was not in a good head space for this training session and it showed in performance. Friday I didn't feel like doing a full workout. So I did a 30 HIT cardio session.

Saturday This was a breakthorough for capacity. My wife and I did 40 min of a fairly challenging yoga routine and then I did 2 sets of HIT 7 min cardio. Overall my exercise time was 102 minutes. Career:

This week was killer for growth as a creative. I feel 110% on board with moving my creative career ahead. My wife wants to retire in a year or two. Currently I am making extra income outside of work as a freelance creative but the contracts need to increase. Big victory is a mind shift, I now understand the concept of create work for the clients I want. I like portrait photography, and like the idea of corporate portrait photography. Thus this week I will make a series of self portraits and pitch this to my main photo client seeing if their organization needs corporate head shots. I also moved my photo studio from a small office space to a larger room in our basement! Wow! This has been fantastic! Spiritual: This was a week of challenge, I am drawn to my career like never before. I missed 2 days of morning Bible study / prayer. Which is very rare, usually I hit 7 no problem. There were things unsettled inside of me that I needed time to process and wrestle with. I am part of a group that meets up weekly to discuss our reading of the Bible chronologically. The fist part is reading through Genesis, which I could spend hours reading no problem! This is my fav book by far. I am getting caught up by reading in the morning and then reading before I go to bed.

Misc. A victory that I overlooked is: I have a set character goal for 2023: Grow in the ability to have difficult conversations. We all need to hear the truth as we are blinded by our own bias. Do we like it? I know I don't like the conversations where a trusted friend points out a weakness or a character flaw. (be careful when listening to social media comments - does this person have your best interest at heart? If not then delete or ignore)

In 2021 a friend spoke words of truth to me about my apathy in regards to career. This tough conversation was difficult to process at first, but lead to me taking the leap of faith and looking for consistent work! In many ways this tough conversation has lead me down the path of career building. To extrapolate more meaning and depth, this conversation has lead to a fantastic marriage connection. With the changes I made, my wife is thrilled I am taking my career serious. She feels loved and protected.

Now it is my turn, this year I will continue to have and learn about crucial conversations. I feel fairly self aware and can usually tell when people are settling for comfort. My objective is to speak truth without breaking trust. Man this is hard....

Back to Career: I forgot to mention, I am excited to have hunted down more work with my main client. I currently work with Zonda Analytics as a Real Estate Photographer. Since working with them I have looked for extra work within their organization. They have fed me extra photos to edit and upload, and currently I am working on their onboarding training manual. The reason this came to be was my boss was asking about my workflow and he liked what he saw. I asked if I could design an onboarding manual for them and he said yes! So even though the week routine % was 54 it still was an overall productive week. How much more if my routine % was 80%+ Overall I feel good about moving into the new week! Thanks for reading!

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