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Week Review Jan 8-14

Photo taken @2017.

Another week has passed. An odd week as my week score of routines was low of 54%. Yet there were some fantastic victories! Fitness: I had a breakthrough with intermittent fasting. The past few weeks I was fasting 12 hours. On Tuesday January 11th, I fasted 18 hours. I am thankful for learning about intermittent fasting and it's health benefits!

Another big win is being able to do 2 chin-ups from a wider hand position, palms facing the front. By the end of the week I was able to do 3 chin-ups. Spiritually An overall good week reading Genesis. An area where I believe God is calling me to grow the art of having conversations that are critical and crucial. The past few weeks there have been several instances where I needed to face conflict, embrace conflict and go through conflict. I am seeing the value of being able to speak up, being humble when I am in the wrong or have made assumptions.

Creative Wise

This was a fantastic week as I produced a lot of great work! Below is what was shipped to this website or YouTube channel. I spend a good amount of time practicing my work and learning from YouTube the craft of photography/YouTube content creation. I feel great about this week creative wise!

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