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Grow Through Suck

Jan 5, 2023 Today I spent quite a bit of time working on a video that turned into a larger project. I tried to set up a black backdrop with a key light and work on a video. The first attempt to do this sucked. I made a video demonstrating how sucky this was. The cool thing about producing something that sucks is that a small amount of improvement goes along way!

From there I watched a few YouTube videos about how to light video. From there I set up 5 lights and produced some great results! From there I took a few more photos and also a video of the after result. The photo above is a self portrait with improved descent lighting.

The project is not finished, the next few days will be spent editing the before and after videos together and fine tuning the self portraits taken.

Lesson learned, when trying something new for the first time most likely it will suck. Learn to embrace the suck and move forward. It's strange how in the mess and suck of creating is where the beauty of art can unfold and there is a story to be told.

Someday I hope to be telling stories, to my grandkids to tell great ones it seems there must be a sucky start. Today tells me I am on the right path to some great memories and stories!

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