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Focus Takes Work

In 2019, I braved the stage to see if stand up comedy was my thing. Read on for the back story... I didn't realize how much work it would take to find a creative path. In our culture there are so many exciting creative paths to choose from. Which one shall I choose? It's too bad I had a stable job that took up all my time and energy. With limited time and energy, how will I be able to find my creative path? I have a great idea! I'll quit work so I can find my creative passion. What could possible go wrong with no income? It was time to stick it to the man. So I stuck it to a man, aka my boss and resigned. (When I say stuck I mean, I respectfully resigned with ample time for them to find a new employee.) This was a fantastic and scary decision. I don't recommend doing this, especially if you are married with kids. Please don't "burn your boats." Please be responsible and take care of your family first.

My boats were burned, there was no turning back. During this time I almost burned my marriage down. Thankfully we were able to extinguish the flames of my stupidity just in time before it was to late.

I am thankful my wife believed in me and supported me during this time of soul searching.

To keep myself from slacking off, I gave myself the challenge of 1 year to find a focus. I created a mock brand called, "365 to Focus." This was a documentation of my journey to find my creative focus. I tried multiple creative paths and landed on the path of photojournalist / fine art gallery photographer. In the above video I attempted stand up comedy. I preformed twice, the second time around was a disaster. It was a good exercise, from this I learned that stand up comedy is not my thing.

The year and half journey to find a focus was challenging yet rewarding. I am so glad to have embraced the work, explore and dig deep. In the end I found a focus! My creative path is photo journalism / fine art gallery photographer. I'll explain more in another post about how I came to this conclusion. If you searching for your path, all the best on your journey.! If you found your path, congratulations!

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