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Rebrand 3.78

Clarity is unfolding. After much thought I realized where I went wrong. Previous branding consisted of randomness. Random posts, articles, photos and a lot of constructive and destructive energy trashing around. Many a time I would say, "Eureka!" Only to find something new and shiny the next week and say "Eureka!" Like the movie, "Ground Hog Day" in my world Feb 2 was every week. over and over and over.

What if I was looking for "Eureka!" in the wrong direction? What if "Eureka!" was wired into my DNA. I might be on to something I sense my Eureka! is my voice, thoughts, feelings and personality.

So today, I was bold and courageous and stepped out on faith. I took a deep breath in and pressed the big "D". I deleted everything and started fresh. The focus is not random. The rebrand focus is tight and specific,

Rebrand 3.78 is about speaking from my "Eureka!" my inner voice sharing with you who I am. So what is my, "Eureka!" well first off I would like to welcome you to a part of my "Eureka!" A Photo Essay. Here you will find out about who I am, I am humorous, witty, visionary and a social creature of deep complexity. Some days I want to be around people and others I want to be alone. I am still trying to figure this one out.

Enough about me. Let's talk about you. For you, I hope to answer 2 questions.

What creative work do I do? Will my work be of value to you? If you walk away clear on these answers and see my work as bringing you value then let's talk. I am open for hire.

Let's create something awesome together! Eureka!

Michael 780-240-0780


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