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About A Photo Essay

My name is Michael Slattery, I am an Edmontonian creative who is eager to share with you  why I believe a personal life document is paramount!

What is a life document?

The idea of a life document was inspired by Bilbo Baggins and his adventure book. 

I define a life document as a  documentation of the adventures, the highs and the lows of life.. This could include; photos, videos, journals or audio recordings.

Why am I creating a life document?

When I am as old as Bilbo Baggins I want to have a personalized library of journals, photos, videos and audio recordings. I look forward to remembering and retelling the stories of yesteryear.


Think how fantastic it will be when we are in our latter years and have a collected library of the heroic adventures we went on! What a day it will be to savour the nostalgia of the life we lived. 

Go live and document your awaiting adventure now!

Happy life documenting!